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Apr. 2nd, 2002 09:50 am
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I sent a message out to all the student computers that said:

Public viewing of PORNOGRAPHY is illegal in the state of Utah and against UVSC computer use policy. Violations will be reported to campus police.

Then, I sit and wait for the replies. One student:

From: Student1.STU.UVSC[94] i didn't view any pornography ... i'm not into that...i saw the note that said free nudes, and i chose not to go into it...look at the pictures i did look at, and you will see that i am telling the truth. i promise!!!!!

From:.Student1.STU.UVSC[94] did you get my message? please reply back. i promise that i did not look at any pornography. i promise

From: .Student1.STU.UVSC[94] hello? will you please reply?

From: .Student1.STU.UVSC[94] hello? will you please reply? i honestly do not think that i did anything wrong, but if the things that i did view are considered pornography, then now i know

From:.Me: You're Okay.

From: .Student1.STU.UVSC[94] seriously, thank you so much...you really had me worried...however, i guess i will not even get anywhere close in the future...sorry!!!
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Sat here all day yesterday, scanning documents and dreaming... went home, sat on the couch for hours chatting with Jared... slept for three and 1/2 hours, now I'm back in this chair readying myself for the creation of more blasted .pdf files. My legs are going to quit working if I don't start using them.

Plans for the work-day:
Get campus ID so I can start working out again
Develop photographs
Sing my little @*$^%!# heart out
Get desk in order
Go on coffee run

I like my desk here... I can see good, decent people walk past on the outside-sidewalk below. Will and Jamie just passed heading east.

Singing: "I'm a bad idea whose time has come."


Jan. 4th, 2002 08:44 am
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This is my life:

I scan stuff, create .pdf files for angry professors (not all of whom are truly angry), and (sometimes) check books out to people. I do other things as well, but not often. Mostly, I scan stuff. Yesterday, I scanned for 17 hours. I got home around midnight, went to bed exhausted and laid there, wide awake... thinking, thinking, thinking. So, I got out of bed and sat on the couch for a while... went back to bed, and finally fell asleep.

I had one of those "can't see" mornings, where everything is blurry and my depth perception was distorted. I took a shower standing in the toilet (okay, that's a joke), and brushed my teeth with a....

So, as the morning goes:

Four shots of espresso in my 20 ounce cup of coffee. I'm still not awake. Hopefully, I will be caught up with everything early this afternoon. L. is closing for me, so I can go see Chris's art showing. I haven't seen Chris in over a year. He's going to graduate school somewhere back east. I'm sure I'll see others there too. There is a tight group of really neat people... I miss them.
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Back at Work

God, it's so slow here... and I am the only person working the third floor. I didn't think my home-coming would be so lonely. I had to call Majorie down from tech services just so I could use the restroom.

Sunday, my first day back from vacation was nice. Walked after coffee with Jared... I hung out with Natalia and later Megan and Biloba (we tried to watch Almost Famous on my new DVD player, but the disc kept skipping, so we didn't finish the movie).

I spent my barnes and noble gift certificate on a dreamweaver instruction manual... must learn to make better web-pages. There are so many books I want. I thought about getting field guide to mammals, or plants, or reptiles, or birds... I need those too.

I don't know what I'm doing for this evening's celebration... maybe drink alone and practice kissing the back of my hand! I love myself, I really do...
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Oh, my God...
This is why I changed my desk around. The sun, minutes away from setting, is breaking through the clouds. The western range of mountains is glowing gold and Utah Lake is ablaze! Amazing.
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I need to move the partition wall that blocks my view of Utah Lake. Maybe even move my desk around so that I can see out over the lake and gaze upon the mountains (this way I can daydream while looking out, over the valley and still appear to be working).... It is a beautiful day... raining lightly, contrasting white to dark grey clouds. I love fall turning into winter. The only problem being that, this time of year, the sun sets right through the window and the glare is unbearable. I think I am willing to put up with it. Yes, I think I am. One thing is for certain... Utah is a beautiful place.

I'm feeling Christmas. I do love this time of year.


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