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Tuesday, and its snowing!

Maria replied to my e-mail concerning the status of my coffee order... She even sent me the UPS tracking code. Good news! Beans are in Provo, and I should have my greedy little hands on them today! Tom Petty was right, it's good to be king. If anyone is interested in roasting their own beans, check out Sweet Maria's. Home roasting is such a wonderful hobby.

I went to bed around midnight... and had a terrible time moving my ass out of it this morning. Sometimes 6:20 is just too early. My body is recovering nicely from the 80 minute stairmaster session last night. I love my early morning walk to the coffee shop. It helps loosen the tight muscles.

I'm going to use my lunch break to get a quick, thirty minute work out in. I wont have time to work out tonight, because I am going up to Salt Lake with Natalia.

I'm looking forward to my mountaineering class this afternoon. We're going to snowshoe and learn how to forecast avalanches. It's a practical knowledge which I have always desired to have, but have never had a real opportunity to learn. I am always snowshoeing over avalanche paths, and last year had the luck of seeing four from a distance. I'd hate to get caught in one... I like the idea of being safe.
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Class today...

We found very little ice. Dallen gave a small lecture on the tools needed for ice climbing... I was able to throw a pick into some ice, which was well timed because my feet slipped on the ice I was standing on. There I was, hanging from a pick, with my knees inches above the ground. I must have looked like a fool!

With the snow coming tomorrow and through the weekend it looks like we'll be snowshoeing and ice climbing the next two weeks. We're also supposed to learn how to forecast avalanches.

For the class project I've decided to (well to try, anyway) build a campfire coffee roaster. I have a rough design in my head... It's might not be too hard.

Despite the four mile hike, I am going to go run on the stairmaster in twenty minutes. I've got to be crazy obsessed.
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We're supposed to go ice climbing for Mountaineering class today, but it's been so warm. I doubt that Dallan was able to find ice anywhere near Utah this past weekend. It has just been too warm. Jared and I found a bit of wet snow Sunday on the back side of Lightning Peak and that was around 8500 ft. Good news for winter lovers, though: snow is on it's way. Okay, maybe it won't hit the valley floor, but it will be in the mountains. I can't wait to dust off my snowshoes.

Here is the current satellite view:

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Just got in from my mountaineering class.

Dallan took the day to show students how easy it is to eat well while backpacking. It was a bit excessive... pizza, cookies, burritos, pasta salad, etc (and that's just what he made). The students were assigned to groups of two, or three and had to plan, cook and eat their own meals. I took my roommate and Amber into my group. We had wild mushroom cous cous with red, green and yellow peppers and a yellow onion. For an appetizer we had cheese and jalepeno rolls with humus... not something you'd want to pack for a really long hike, but easy for a hike of a day or two. Some other groups did french toast (which was odd, because they brought a 12 pack of eggs... I'm not sure that an egg would last any hike without succumbing to the forces of a shifting and jarring pack), or rice a roni... just didn't seem too inventive to me. I think my meal was the most delicious (no contest). I'm proud.

Now, I'm waiting for it to digest so I can go run on the stairmaster. Wait, wait, wait....

Day Three

Nov. 13th, 2001 08:31 am
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I'm sore this morning... I guess I am getting a bit older. Last night's workout would not have phased me a bit a couple of years ago. My legs are tight, and I had a slight "my muscles are sore" waddle this morning as I walked to the coffee shop. On my way home I could feel the tightness loosen up a bit. I had a big dinner last night, but still woke at 251. That's one pound off... who knows how many more to go.

I have a mountaineering class this afternoon. I'm not sure what sort of activity Dallan has planned. In case it isn't aerobic (hiking), I brought clothes to work out in this evening. I have a feeling that he is going to teach us out to pack light, but cook good. I hope he isn't planning on pork and beans... often people assume everyone in a group eats meat. I wonder if I should bring a bottle of wine?
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I started a mountaineering class yesterday. Our first activity was rock climbing. I'm big with weak fingers, which led to lame attempts to ascend each rock. I almost made it to the top of the first and easiest climb, but my strength gave out. The second, and last climb ended miserably as Dallan, the instructor was patiently waiting to take everything down and head home. I got about a quarter of the way up, asked Jared if he had me, and then let go... the fall gave a good pull on my nuts. If you've ever worn a climbing harness, you know what I'm talking about. You have to be careful with the little guys, or you'll pop one. Ouch! The two climbs (for those of you who know and are interested) are only rated 5.5 and 5.8. We're going out again next week, but to a different place (and possibly indoors at the Quary). Later in the semester we're supposed to give ice climbing a try. That should be incredible...


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