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listening to the love supreme by john coltrane. today would have been his 76th birthday...
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it just occured to me that my vehicle is on fumes. i'm not sure if there is a gas station between here and there...

:::crossing fingers:::

here's to not running out of gas and john coltrane who is absolute!
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Just haning out at my work computer... Bored as hell, but not really wanting to do anything. I have to laugh (just a little) at my state of pathetic-ness. I took a nap earlier, and feel a bit better. Hav was working at Juice and Java despite being exhausted from a hiking trip. I had two cups of coffee, gave a quarter to a guy (I think his name was sean) who was blowing smoke in my face, and watched the sun set. I then walked home with Coltrane on the headphones, got into my jeep and drove to work where I am now typing away on livejournal... waiting for the end of the world to come.

I need to watch a movie, or something... just to take my mind away. I need to talk, too. And, a hug would be nice. My shoulders are so tense that I am actually in physical pain.

A nice glass of something full of alcohol would be nice too... just to relax a bit.

I should go hiking in the morning. It's almost april and I wonder if the black bear is stirring. Hmmm.....
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Paid today... then spent most of my expendable income during lunch! I did come away with two new jazz cds: Charlie Parker's "Salt Peanuts" (which is a live album recorded in the 40's or early 50's) and Coltrane's "Giant Steps."

Next up: groceries.
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If I were a country star, I would have to be Hank Williams Jr.

I'm two months away from my 30th birthday and, on my way to work this morning, I bought my first country album. Hank's greatest hits. I also picked up John Coltrane's Coltrane for Lovers.

I'm in love with slow jams... and jazz just smokes.

I'd like to pick up Jack Johnson's "Brushfire Fairytales" too. Folk and blues-inflected pop, backed by the slide guitar of Ben Harper... it has a very homey, very slow-handed hendrix-type feel.


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