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Above is a view from Thorn's Lair, looking at my backyard.

It snowed last night, which put a damper on the plans to ride my bike.  So, it's almost two in the afternoon, and I'm still in my pajamas. Though I may be sipping coffee, listening to Thelonious monk and Live-Journaling at this moment, I haven't been completely lazy today.  The wife and I did spend a the better part of this morning cleaning house for the last time until our baby is delivered.

Since the house is now ready, I've escaped to Thorn's to jot a few things down while the wife is resting.  Tomorrow we will travel to town for a doctor's appointment followed by a pre-op at the hospital and delivery is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

I have a number of goals to accomplish while off work for the next month to month and a half:
-Bond with the baby.
-Help Marie in her recovery from Cesarean Section
-Put in gravel driveway
-Fix sprinklers
-Prepare for and plant Marie's garden
-Post to Livejournal every day
-Ride Mountain bike every day (weather permitting)
-Plant fruit tree in front yard
-Finish reading Kerouac's Big Sur and revisit Dharma Bums.
-Drink copious amounts of coffee

I guess I ought to get moving.  I still need to pack my bedroll for the couple of nights we'll be in the hospital.  I also want to check my camera's batteries and pack the laptop.  It might be time to change my attire for the day...
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John Frusciante: the final word in guitar.

I recall listening to Blood Sugar Sex Magik years ago and thinking that the saxophone could almost replace the guitar on this album. A couple of years ago, in a guitar magazine interview, John mentioned that he enjoyed playing Coltrane, Coleman and Parker compositions with his guitar. I've been listening to a new song, "I Could Die for You," today and he has mentioned Charles Mingus and the Beatles as being a major influence on the composition. The song has a Cowboy Junkies - "Sweet Jane" - vibe (minus Anthony's vocals which are far too pop) only at a bit faster pace and is growing on me.

I'm not sure what sort of place John has in the current cannon of "guitar idols," but his dynamic ability to express colors and tones ought not go unappreciated. His work is simply magical. People generally regard Flea as the backbone to the music of the Peppers, but I would have to disagree... John has taken this band as his own.

Now, if only he could do something about Anthony Kiedis' habit of challenging a song's credibility.
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I'm not feeling interesting, or interested in anything today. I can't tell if I'm just tired, or even a little sad.

I'd like to take a nap while listening to some soft jazz...

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Saturday Morning and I feel pretty good... almost in a Bob Marley mood, but still listening to Miles and Coltrane. Jazz just blows me away. I wish my collection was a bit larger but, then there's something to work towards.

I'm going to Summerhays Music. Time to drool over golden saxophones.
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Fuck (I swear a lot these days). I'm happy today... just don't understand how. Perhaps it's all a biological function, but I was really down yesterday. I don't believe anything has changed since then... perhaps a certain shift in the cosmos has lifted my spirits, or it could be that I was finally able to sleep last night... 9 and a half hours!!!

A group is going to Club Cabana tonight to see a live jazz band... I'm going if the cover charge is reasonable (i.e. free).

I'm happy... really, really fucking happy.

on my way

Mar. 18th, 2002 07:43 pm
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over to jason call's.

i'm going to have him burn some jazz cds for me. hey, anyone out there listen to jazz? if so, who is your favorite artist? recommend, recommend...



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