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a little late for work this morning, as my bed was just too... too... too good to get out of when i needed to be up. it's quite funny how easily i can convince myself that i can still get to work on time if i stay in bed for 7 more minutes (followed by another 7, then another and so on).

i'm going to slc this evening... to eat at either the bombay house or the star of india. i'm leaning towards the star of india, as i hear it's good and there's a bombay house in provo (where the food is actually a little bit better than at the one in salt lake).

after dinner... i don't know what i'm doing.
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I'm ready for the Bombay House...

Oh, man am I ready for that tasty Indian cuisine! My aunt and a couple of wonderful cousins are taking me out tonight... another celebration of my 30 years.
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I'm going to eat an indian dinner with my cousin at the Bombay House tonight. I wish I had the energy to be excited about it. I'm not even hungry (okay, so I still have two hours - plenty of time to work up an appitite).

I think life would be far more interesting if I were naked right now. Public libraries are funny that way.


Mar. 1st, 2002 01:35 am
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Almost done... been transferring 855 pdf files (one at a time) for electronic reserve to a new server, for a new format. If you are interested in seeing what I do, check out UVSC's Electronic Reserve page. You wont be able to see the documents, as most are pass worded.

Joc, Ryn and Kim have contributed a great deal of help...

Went to the Bombay House with Ryn for dinner this evening, followed by coffee/hot cocoa which was poured by joon. I absolutely love being with Ryn... She's wonderful.

Done!!! Done!!! Done!!!

Project done!!!!!

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Five minutes until the network goes down today... I wanted to write all day. Damn.

I'll be in california tomorrow at this time. Lacking sleep. Need sleep. Cranky.

Bombay House tonight. Bar tonight. Pack tonight. Leave for airport at 4:30 in the morning. No sleep. Sleep.



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