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I’ve now made public posts through October 16th of 2002.

The new TOS agreement LJ has forced users to accept did not settle well with me. I had to meditate on the benefits of continuing use of the service that has held such a sacred place in my heart for over 15 years. After chewing on the issue for a couple of days I determined that I am still going to use LJ, but that I am going to back up my archived journal on Dreamwidth while all new posts will be made on both sites. At this point, I am not currently worried about losing any content on LJ, but I would be upset if I lost any, or all of this particular record of me. I’m just playing it safe.

Dreamwidth seems a bit “clunky” to me, but I haven’t taken the time to fool around much with their themes yet. I’ll do so when time permits. The thing I am most looking forward to is merging my two LJ accounts into one account on Dreamwidth. There was a time when having multiple accounts on LJ served a purpose for me; I thought each account was like a chapter in life. I’ve had four accounts over the 15+ years I’ve used the site. One of which I deleted and one I can’t remember the password for (I no longer have the email that would be used to reclaim control of it). Of those two, one was short lived (I used it for a month or less, the other was a fabricated character that I played with for a short while). It will be nice to have everything under one account so that I, or my son (when he’s old enough – or I’m gone) can easily peruse my online journaling life.

I wish LJ allowed for merging of accounts. That would be ideal. Then I would find another means for backup, rather than using 2 sites.