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I have successfully imported both of my LJ journals and comments to Dreamwidth under the Kazatasupa handle. I’m fairly excited to have my online journaling life housed in one place. I wish I had acted less impulsively and waited to begin the import until I had finished my tagging/making public entries project. Now, if I wish both locations to be available, I’ll have to double my efforts. I might leave LJ alone, and just work on the Dreamwidth side of things… I don’t yet know.

I’ve been riding my mountain bike (with a few exceptions) to work every day for over a month, but yesterday was the first time in a week that I have been able to get out for any distance. I rode a bit over seven miles after work and felt great in doing so. I’ve lost 23.4 pounds thus far, and am shooting for an end goal of losing 100 pounds total. 220 has always been my “feel best” weight, and I want to be an active dad. The only way I can see myself being the dad I envision is to be fit.

I’ve had a life-long bad habit of getting into shape for backpacking season, then letting myself go as summer fades into winter. At nearly 45 years, I don’t think the yo-yo dieting is going to be conducive to long-term health, so I need to fight my old habits to stay in shape year round and for the duration of my life. That’s the goal. I hope documenting it here helps…

I’m using Strava, Google Fit and Myplate apps to document my progress. I’m a bit fan of Strava and anything google, but haven’t decided how I feel about Myplate yet – though, in fairness, it seems to do a better job at calorie counting than other apps I have used in the past. I just don’t know how useful the application is to me. My biggest issue is not the quality of foods I eat, but the helpings. I have always stuffed myself to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, etc. and a calorie counting app isn’t going to fix that. Alternative methods (ie, exercise) to dealing with the negatives in life are more necessary to my health plan than calorie counting. But, part of me gets off on tracking minute details like calories…

I told Marie that I want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail when Warrick is old enough. He’ll probably need to be out of high school, which means 18 years (that will put me at 63) until we can do it. I plan on working until I am 65, so I’ll have to take a leave of absence from work to accomplish that goal. Taking non-paid leave will be the easy part, keeping in shape for the next 18 years will be the challenge.
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We're experiencing a nice break in the weather today. It's sunny and warm enough to do yard work in a t-shirt. I cleared the remaining limbs from the tree-work I did on my property a couple of weeks ago and was getting ready to take my mountain bike for a spin, but was called into work instead...

It's supposed to storm again for the next five days. All of the work I've put into getting back into shape is slipping away from me with this late-winter surge of moisture. I've lost nearly 22 pounds and had been gaining strength and endurance on my bike, but every day I miss due to work/weather is dragging me down. It's been a frustrating week and a half.

I just got a call. I've got to drive an hour south for work. *sigh*
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I think I had a cinnamon roll yesterday. I can't remember eating anything else... I drank a lot of coffee. I walked all over town, listening to Norah Jones. I drove in circles. I cried all day (off and on). I left many people with the impression that I had cracked.

I was looking for signs.

One of my many stops at the coffee shop found Biloba reading my horoscope from the city weekly. Taurus:

Before going to sleep last night, I asked my subconscious mind to send me a dream with a useful symbolic message for you Tauruses. Near morning, I dreamed of caterpillars slowly but surely devouring the big bad wolf. When they were finished, the spun cocoons. After a while they emerged as giant yellow butterflies with the shape of bulls on their wings. Here's my dream interpretation: I believe you Tauruses are entering a phase when a young or "larval" part of your psyche will nibble a problem to death, setting the stage for a rebirth in which the problem will be transformed into a beautiful thing.

I hope so. I'm tired of hurting...

I need to find food... I haven't eaten yet today. Between Saturday's dinner at the Bombay House and this morning, I have lost 7 pounds. I'm just not hungry. My stomach is in knots...
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Morning Update :

It's snowing lightly outside. KRCL has an avalanche forecast in the morning, right before I get to work. This weekend looks like a bad one for back country enthusiasts.

I weighed 235 this morning. My legs hurt like hell...

Roasted coffee last night, did laundry and was in bed by 11:30.

Up at 6:30, brewed (with my french press) a super-fresh cup of joe. My head still hasn't cleared, however... and I'm thinking about brewing another pot.
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oh, and I weighed this morning: 236 lbs. that's 16 pounds in 32 days... and, finally am i able to actually see a difference.
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Well... it was six days since I last took to the stairmaster. I went hiking four of the last six days, so I was still getting a workout. When I am hiking I get sidetracked and focus less on the workout and more on the aesthetic. Being in the gym keeps me motivated. I ran (or is that stepped?) for 70 minutes and the machine told me that I burned 1570 calories for my efforts. I only use the caloric meter as a stick for judging how hard my workout was... not as an actual assessment of how many calories I have burned.

For those of you who are interested, I've lost about ten pounds since I began working out eighteen days ago. I feel much better, much more energetic and generally less grumpy (this is good news for my friends!). I'm going home now... time to get drink some water and get some rest.


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