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chris and jane, little fin, [livejournal.com profile] biloba and myself wandered the east side beach of utah lake this evening as the sun set. fin rode to and from on my lap...

i'lli have pictures that i'll post sometime next week.
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i wish i were still wrapped in blankets, on my bed with cold air holding my face tightly. i wish i could stretch, and yawn, only to roll over and fall back into a state of warm slumber. i've been listening to nora jones all morning as i sit at my desk, scanning or typing - just doing what i do.

i want to watch the sun set this evening from utah lake's sandy beach. i love the way the setting rays separate the west mountain range into distinct places of being.

tomorrow night 2 and 1/2 white guys opening for the slackers at club x-scape in slc. might go. might not.
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last night i watched the sun set over west mountain from the sandy beaches of utah lake. little fin and i walked the beach, collecting clam and snail shells. jason ran out onto the lake, one hundred yards and only ankle deep. jane would drop scientific names on plants and fish, and chris told me how there were 22 different native mussels in utah lake before the mormon settlers and now there are none.

i read once that the native americans would fish the lake with nets, pulling thousands out - feeding their own.

as i turned my head in a survey of the surrounding valley, i couldn't help but notice the dyke on which the road that carried us to the lake was concealing every city from lehi to payson. and, as i stood there in awe of the mountains glowing from the setting sun, i felt connected to past existence. not my own, but one that belonged to people two hundred years ago. a raw, unforgiving existence which would expose the weak as such.

we had to leave shortly after the sun set as the cold wind pushing across the lake set into our bones only to reveal the nature of our present existence. driving quickly into town, jason and i stopped at the coffee shop for cappuccinos, on the way to scott abbott's for a philosophy department party.

ice cooled indian pale ales, coronas, wines, fine scotch and a few olympias in a warm house with local intellectuals.

the worried news is the coming of a new president at the school. the fear is that the regents will hire a non-academic to quiet the liberal arts crowd. people are divided on the possibilities. i believe the school has taken far too many steps towards the liberal arts to be neglected. every thing is going to be alright...

if it ever was.

thank god for warm houses, warm people and cool beers. we have it so easy.

i'm going to throw my shoes on now and take a walk around the block. it's almost time to call it a night, but i have some steam to burn and the evening temperature is too nice to let go unfelt.
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I love Bob Marley...

I told my boss that I wouldn't leave her in a bind. I've thrown enough, "I hate my job" statements around to make her nervous... and, since there is a hiring freeze on state jobs, I've committed myself to a "library first" attitude. I'll wait until my job can be filled... unless I go crazy, then all promises are out the window.

I might go crazy.

I know Ryn doesn't like the fact that we work together... but, being able to lean around the corner and sneak a peak at her face always brightens the moment for me.

I wish I had a digital camera... the sky over Utah Lake and the mountains beyond is moving so beautifully with a contrast of light to dark grey clouds. I wish I were a falcon, high above the ground, riding a thermal into the heavens... *sigh*

I have the house to myself this evening, which is nice... so, I'm going to go to the book store, or coffee shop, or the record store... maybe I'll go to a few places. Don't know.

Just feeling good.....
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Oh, my God...
This is why I changed my desk around. The sun, minutes away from setting, is breaking through the clouds. The western range of mountains is glowing gold and Utah Lake is ablaze! Amazing.
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I need to move the partition wall that blocks my view of Utah Lake. Maybe even move my desk around so that I can see out over the lake and gaze upon the mountains (this way I can daydream while looking out, over the valley and still appear to be working).... It is a beautiful day... raining lightly, contrasting white to dark grey clouds. I love fall turning into winter. The only problem being that, this time of year, the sun sets right through the window and the glare is unbearable. I think I am willing to put up with it. Yes, I think I am. One thing is for certain... Utah is a beautiful place.

I'm feeling Christmas. I do love this time of year.


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