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Heavy rain today and I am thankful to be inside.

I drove to Palo Cedro this morning for work errands.  There was a mudslide behind me on my way back to Burney and now the highway is closed in both directions.  It's supposed to keep raining for the next 8 hours, or so.  The creek that runs through my yard is pushing against my simple bridge and is an inch or two from taking to sea.  I tried to pull the bridge across the creek, but it is waterlogged and too heavy.  It won't be a big loss unless it destroys the fence (which is also in the water) when it goes.

I'm enjoying this holiday season more so than in the past five years.  This little guy helps ease the pain of Thorn not being here.  I've made public posts through March of 2002.  I keep finding long lost gems from Thorn in the comments.  While grieving his death I found myself angry at him for deleting so many posts in his journal, so reading through his comments has given me some comfort and joy.  I've been tagging "Thorn" while moving through posts that he replied to.    
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I have a Sierra Nevada Narwal Ale aged in a bourbon barrel that is calling my name.  It's been tempting me for the last couple of days, but Marie has not wanted to open it.  It's a 22-ounce bottle and at 10.2 %, a half bottle should lighten the load on my feet.  We are decorating the Christmas tree tonight and Marie has decided that that would be a significant enough reason to delight in the magnificent stout.  A storm is rolling in and there should be snow falling tonight.  A perfect scene for a beautiful beverage.


Jun. 1st, 2002 03:26 pm
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the storm outside has passed, and perhaps so too is my inner turmoil (we'll see). now, it's time to get a cup of coffee...



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