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I was up late last night, writing e-mails and watching the snow fall... thinking too. I wasn't really prepared to have my pop wake me at six thirty this morning with, "you still want to go work out? If not, I'll let you sleep in." Arggg... I laid there for a moment, trying to decide if I wanted to get up or not... I guess I felt the need to work out and to see all the old men moving muscles. I forgot how small this town is. "All the old guys," my dad talks about equal about 2 and 1/2 people. So, I stepped on the lone, creepy stairmaster for 45 minutes. It was fun. One of the "old men" was Ron Schmidt... the first CHP officer to let me off for speeding without a ticket! I was eighteen at the time, he made me go tell my mother that I was a terrible driver. A couple of hours later he stopped by the cable office (where my mother was the manager) to make sure I had done as he said. I like small town people. I miss this place.

I'm going to the local library with my pops in a half hour. I need to see if there are any books on philosophy... Damn school, damn!!! I'd also like to look at the local history collection. I want to get to the bottom of the Samuel Burney myth... More on that later (if I have a chance). I also want to find some information on early historical places... may go up to the Fall River museum this week too.

Tomorrow I get to see my brother for the first time since last winter break.

Good Times

Dec. 12th, 2001 09:28 pm
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We've got it, don't we?

So, here I am. End of the day and exhausted as usual. Stairmaster for 90 minutes, burned 2369 calories... that's a lot of F'ing work. Time tried to stop on me as I was going, going, going... I looked down at the little timer, lifted my head, swore under my breath, thought about the origin of the universe (what do you think about when you are working out?), looked back down much, much later and only a second had come off my timer. Good Damn! Oh, I thought I was going to die.

Why do I torture myself nightly? Because I really, really feel good. Yes, my body feels like shit, but my mind is clear... i am hopeful and high.

I am leaving for California early Saturday. My parents remodeled the house I grew up in. They now have a jacuzzi tub... oh... oh... oh... They kicked me out when I was younger (no hard feelings, it really was time for me to go), now I'm moving back in (and kicking my parents out!) I told my mother this, she thought I was funny. I can't even be serious about that... it would break their hearts. Damn! I want that tub.

Going home... going to get sleep (and sleep in!)

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done. i could only do 70 minutes tonight, despite my best efforts. 1807 calories and i'm burned. i'll give 90 a try again tomorrow. time to go home, do laundry and rest... and drink lots of water... and have at least one cool dream.
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Oh, bed...

I meant to mention (last night, before I went home) that I had run on the stairmaster for 90 excruciating minutes. I knew 30 minutes into the workout that I was actually going to die. I'm beat. Burned 2291 calories, though (2 more than last time). I wonder what I could have done with those two extra calories.
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This was written last night, at 11:50, but for some reason it did not get posted.

I only had 50 minutes to step on the stairmaster this evening. I burned 1349 calories.

I also did 50 sit ups. The bench was set at a steeper incline than I am used to (by my design). I think there may be little abs in there. Maybe, someday, we'll see the bashful little fellows.

My weight was at 239 this morning. I'm not losing weight as fast as I was, but (and I hope) that is because I am building a little bit of muscle. I should do body fat percentage tests... but I don't know how. My legs are definitely taking a more muscular tone.

I had a chance to chat with my brother this evening. The short conversation reminded me that I am alive, and well... and well. I can't wait to see him. He's agreed to three beers. Here's to four!
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90 minutes on the stairmaster, 2289 calories burned. I'm not losing weight anymore... been stuck around 240 since last Friday. I know that, while I am working out so hard, my body is building muscle... but, I'd like to lose a pound, or two this week... just to feel like I am getting somewhere. Progress.
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eighty minutes on the stairmaster... 80 sit ups...

machine said, "hey buddy, you burned 1845 calories tonight!"

i keep wanting to say i'm exhausted, but i'm not. i feel pretty good. time to go home, watch a bit of tv and call it a night.

i think i love terry tempest williams
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Day Twenty (I think). I weighed 240 this morning. That's twelve pounds off.

I stepped on the stairmaster for 75 minutes today... machine guesses that I burned 1692 calories.

I'll probably weigh 239-38 in the morning... I really worked hard this afternoon. I'm tired.
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Well... it was six days since I last took to the stairmaster. I went hiking four of the last six days, so I was still getting a workout. When I am hiking I get sidetracked and focus less on the workout and more on the aesthetic. Being in the gym keeps me motivated. I ran (or is that stepped?) for 70 minutes and the machine told me that I burned 1570 calories for my efforts. I only use the caloric meter as a stick for judging how hard my workout was... not as an actual assessment of how many calories I have burned.

For those of you who are interested, I've lost about ten pounds since I began working out eighteen days ago. I feel much better, much more energetic and generally less grumpy (this is good news for my friends!). I'm going home now... time to get drink some water and get some rest.
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Wednesday morning... I weighed between 242-243. The gym closes early this afternoon for the break. I went in this morning for my workout. 70 minutes on the stairmaster 1470 calories burned and 57 sit ups. That's all I could do. I'm drinking a 64 ounce gatorade now. I'm pooped.
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It's the end of the day as we know it, and I feel fine....

65 minutes on the stairmaster.
1319 calories burned (I'm not even sure that I should post this. It really is sort of an arbitrary number and I'm not sure what it stands for.... it's an estimate of how many calories I could be burning if I weighed a certain weight under ideal conditions).

I also did 45 sit ups on an incline (or is that a decline) bench. I need sleep.
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One hour on the stairmaster...
1308 Calories burned according to the damn machine.

I still have energy, but the stairs hurt like hell. I'm going home.
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Spent 40 minutes on the stairmaster during my dinner break. Burned 861 Calories.

Just about off work... going to Salt Lake tonight with Joc and LaRyn for the gallery stroll.
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Well... I pushed it after all.
Minutes on stairmaster: 50
Calories burned according to machine: 1053
Tomorrow is easy (I think), I work late... So, the plan is: early morning coffee shop walk, then hike rock canyon, or Y mountain... haven't decided yet.

Just checked to see if anyone is online.. nope. I really wanted to chat with my brother. Oh, well... I'll see him soon enough, I suppose.

Anyone who is interested in listening to a streamcast of a local utah ska/reggae band, here you go: 2 & 1/2 White Guys
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That's it... Done for the day. I ran for 45 minutes on the stairmaster. Burned (again, according to the machine) 917 calories.


Nov. 12th, 2001 07:20 pm
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35 minutes on the stairmaster. 686 calories burned (according to the damn machine). Not too tired, thought the climb up to my office was a bit more laborious than I needed. I feel good.... Time to log off, go home and have a nice warm cup of tea.


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