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I've now made public posts through June 24th, 2002.

It's surreal that these memories I'm revisiting are nearly 15 years old when some of them feel as fresh as experiences I had yesterday.  Aging is a trip, man...

I had a conversation with my parents about their health today.  That's a notable topic, but not one I am ready to hash out in written form.  It's late Friday afternoon and I am ready for a nice, relaxing weekend.  I need to close up shop and head for a taste of an 18 year old Glenlivet.  
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I'm sitting in my parent's bedroom, hiding after letting a "oh, you fuck!" fly loudly from my mouth. My parents, in the living room quickly went quiet. Control, damn it, control! I shouldn't read L. Journal while I am here.

Well, I am here and I've slept well. 12 hours last night to make up for the last week, and then Friday (which I did not sleep at all). I miss Emmett already. I think he was telling 11 inch penis stories. I told Emmett he was the only person in the world who measured their penis from base, over top, to base again...

We were both kidding.

I need a cup of coffee... but have been visiting with my parents all morning (it's 10:13 pacific). They drink the cheap robusta stuff from the grocery stuff. I am going to walk over to the little shack on main street and get something delicious. Two shots in a large cup... mmmm...

The last few days have been interesting, and I will comment on them later. Keller is not going to fail me. He is afraid that I'll want to get into graduate school later and an F will ruin my chances. I guess I'll have to write a paper after all. Damn.

Debbie Gibson was the stewardess on my flight from San Fransisco to Redding. The girl who makes my sandwiches at hogie yogi got booted from the plane in SLC. I was sure I was going to die...

All that later... need coffee now.


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