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I need to go camping....

Here )
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i thought i would stop by the public library once again. good thing, too... a massive burst of wind/rain just hit. provo's library has an underground parking garage, while my jeep's topless... a perfect fit!


May. 21st, 2002 09:26 am
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It's cold out, with rain in my jeep and snow only a thousand feet up on the towering mountains...

I was late for work this morning. I called Judy to inform her of my situation. On the phone with numb fingers and a hot cup of coffee is not a good way to drive. "UVSC Library, how can I help you," she said. "Judy, it's Matthew... hold on for a second - I need to shift." Steering with my knees, hands occupied, rain water hitting me in the face and I'm on the phone. Good work, sir. I ought to be arrested.

Thinking of cold and coffee... I wonder if Ryn is going to get a cup of hot chocolate on the way to work this morning?

So, I haven't written much lately. I'm preoccupied with things other than thinking, I suppose. I need to spend more time on the guitar... the dark-room technique class is cool, although I am really disappointed in most of the student work. I would like it if a few of the students were interested in working on more abstract pieces. I'm tired of near straight prints with a minimum effect. I'm a loner...

Music appreciation is a breeze, although I need to start on my Thelonious Monk paper.
I'm having dinner at the Bangkok Thai Wednesday night. I hope it isn't cold enough to snow on my drive up, or back...

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It's going to snow this week. In my jeep...

Spring: a funny time of year.
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just feeling, no thoughts... and, i think it's good.

i do wish it were clear outside, and a bit warmer. i drove home last night, as the sun was preparing itself to fall into the western horizon... pink mountains stood and orange clouds hung over the valley. i leaned my head against the seat of my jeep, looking straight up at a seagull flying over me. i was very happy.

i am well aware of the fact that i need a cup of coffee. perhaps it is time for a break? yes... sure.
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It's a Bob Marley morning... B.M. mornings are good.

I was late for work this morning. I know I'm not the only person who has issues with daylight savings, but I slept through 40 minutes of loud Blood Sugar Sex Magik. I guess I needed the beauty sleep... I don't think it worked.

I like having the top off my jeep, but it's so cold in the morning (and the forecast is for rain tonight and tomorrow). I've also learned from past experience, that taking the hard-top off your jeep is the surest way to insure late spring snowfall...

Shit. I need another cup of coffee.
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Just haning out at my work computer... Bored as hell, but not really wanting to do anything. I have to laugh (just a little) at my state of pathetic-ness. I took a nap earlier, and feel a bit better. Hav was working at Juice and Java despite being exhausted from a hiking trip. I had two cups of coffee, gave a quarter to a guy (I think his name was sean) who was blowing smoke in my face, and watched the sun set. I then walked home with Coltrane on the headphones, got into my jeep and drove to work where I am now typing away on livejournal... waiting for the end of the world to come.

I need to watch a movie, or something... just to take my mind away. I need to talk, too. And, a hug would be nice. My shoulders are so tense that I am actually in physical pain.

A nice glass of something full of alcohol would be nice too... just to relax a bit.

I should go hiking in the morning. It's almost april and I wonder if the black bear is stirring. Hmmm.....
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I can't write, damn-it!

I really want to lay in the sun, but we're scheduled for a week of snow. I can never get the weather right...

It's time for spring. I am ready for wildflowers and insects, birds and running streams, elk and bears.... I am ready to take the top off my jeep... I am ready for the warm breeze to blow through my beard.... I am ready for cool spring nights, with clear mountain skies and stars challenging my sense of time and being...

I am ready for campfires and warm sleeping bags under open skies...

Ahhh... building the romance of spring.
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Again... looking out over Utah Lake and the mountains beyond. A morning winter wonderland with pink clouds hanging over the mountains, illuminated by the still hiding sun. I dropped myself off at work this morning, Jared took my jeep up to Salt Lake City to see his family (for this, he bought me a cup of coffee and I am forever grateful - especially right now, as I am drink it).

New Year's Eve was the most lovely of my life...

There were friends and others from the neighborhood at Jason's house. Ruth shared her alcoholic riches, which enabled me to get really well lit. Natalia called me around 11:30 and asked if I wanted to go downtown to watch the ball drop. She met me at Jason's and we walked downtown from there (only four blocks). Heavy falling snow mixed with the live band, ball dropping, and fireworks as people danced in the streets left me with an "almost saved" feeling... New Year's Eve has no real human significance... and only one that is practical: we change our calendars... but, whatever it is, it does ask us to reflect and gives people a sense of renewal... again, another example of a christian influence on a right pagan holiday! Wash away the old year, with the old faults and bring in a new year with a promise of change! The slate is clean, make your resolutions and do the best that you can...

My resolutions:

Be Direct
Be Organized
Give My Love Away
Get Into Best Shape of Life (by May, 6 - my 30th birthday).
Get Life Moving ---> That Way! (I've been stagnant for the last 3 years).
Stop Slipping Into Lonliness

The last resolution may be the most difficult...

I'm procrastinating. I've got a ton of work to do, and I don't know where to start. This is depressing.
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Hmmm... Weather Bug tells me that the government has issued a winter watch for northern Utah. I guess its time to put the top back on my jeep.


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