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[livejournal.com profile] biloba, with j.c.'s guitar, muted strings keeping rhythm as i played a scale...
weird shit when two people, who don't really know what they're doing, make music on the porch while drinking beer.
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should be studying.

thinking about coffee and guitar. something, anyway. i'm wasting my saturday away...
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my fingers aren't strong enough to play guitar for extended periods of time, which is disappointing. it takes a while to get into a riff groove, where i feel good about what i'm playing... and, by the time i'm almost there, my fingers (both the tips and the little muscles within) are too tired and sore to continue.

there are sounds in my head i would like to emulate through my playing, but i need more instruments. maybe i'll save up for a drum machine and a four track recorder.
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to go home and sleep, or plug my guitar into a wah plugged into an amp plugged into headphones which would rest on my little ears?
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My fingers are taking a beating. I haven't played guitar (for more than 10 or 15 minutes every month, or so) for probably 4, or five years. I've never used a pick, and my left hand wrist action is incorrect, so I'm trying to rid my brain of a seven year learned habit... and within a weeks time. I feel clumsy, like a baby first learning to walk. I really hope these guitar lessons pay off.
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I'm off...

A strange week, strange month... something I'll revisit later and put back together as objectively as I can. I think I might need to seek counseling over adoption-related issues...

I'm going for a glazed donut and a bottle of anything.

My desk is a mess. I'll be back tomorrow (sometime) to put things in order, and tie up my tax duties. Also, this is my new studio... a place I can play acoustic guitar semi-alone. It's funny, I can play my electric at home with my headphones, and not be disturbed by the surroundings/distractions. But, I have to bring my "quieter" acoustic here...

I make my life too complicated (there, I said it... happy ryn???) :::winking:::


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