Aug. 26th, 2002 12:58 pm
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dear professors:

i've been working my ass off for you. i've skipped classes today, i've worked overtime and stayed on task. i've posted your shit on the weekend, because i wanted to be a service for you. i am not getting paid to do you favors... so, don't expect me to bend over backwards every single fucking time you have a crisis. i asked you to get your items to me three weeks before classes started. do not get fucking testy with me...

i will not be pushed around because you have failed to come prepared.


Feb. 11th, 2002 12:48 pm
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Posted 21 articles this morning... Bennett/Fritze's class is posted through the semester.

I'm working on transferring E-Res files over to Docutek (a new program and a different server)... blah.

I've realized that Monday mornings are very boring, as I am the only supervisor here. L. works the evening shift and J. has classes until 2... so, I sit here alone.

J.J. (a library aide) is working for Chevy during the Olympics. He takes care of the Chevy people, making sure they get to and from events. He gets a wage, a room in a $600 a night hotel (park city), and free passes to Olympic events. Because the schedule is so packed, a few of the Chevy people choose to rest rather than attend every event... this led to J.J. calling me late yesterday afternoon w/ $400 worth of free tickets to the Germany/Austria hockey game. Jared, Ryn and I sat 16 rows up from the ice and watched Germany win on a last-minute goal.

I didn't think I would get to see any of the events, now it seems J.J. is going to hook me up anytime tickets become available. Having a connection is nice.

Olympic Hockey rocks!

I'd like to see some figure skating, or go to a medals ceremony... whatever happens, I've had a really cool Olympic experience. Only wish I had taken my camera.
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Hmmm... could I do less work??

Supposed to show epix-tech people how electronic reserve works...

"mmm... so, i scan stuff and put it here..."

"this is your brain"

"this is your brain when you scan stuff for a living..."

"any questions?"
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"Fatal Error"

This is the message Hewlett Packard's software was giving me at eight this morning. So, I re-booted my computer and was able to scan in one document. Next document, "Fatal Error." Again, Re-boot. Try to scan again and the software recommends that I uninstall the program and reinstall the software. Fine. I uninstall the program, go up to the tech office where there are no tech people... then I remember that I had Ted look for the user's manual once, and he had no idea where he had filed it, or the software. I rummage through file after file, then find a manual for a Hewlett Packard scanner. I go back to my desk, log onto hp's web site, find the printer and the software and download it...

Only to find that the manual was for a different scanner and the program that I had downloaded was in Spanish.

A little swearing followed by another uninstall.

I went upstairs again to look for tech people. No one in, no computers on... what good are people if they don't come to work?

So, I go back to HP's web site, but I don't know what kind of scanner I have (you would think they would print the damn name somewhere on the device). After an hour of searching I find a search engine that asks for "product numbers." Luckily, the first number I find on the scanner, is the correct number. HP ScanJet 6200. I follow a couple of links and find the program I am looking for. It takes 20 minutes to download...

I take a quick break, while Joc is here, to get a sandwich. I run into Jared in the hall way. He reminds me of a meeting we have with Dr. Keller concerning the Environmental Ethics Conference. "Can't Go, Jared..." I have too much work to do.

So, he's pissed off at me.

Get back to my desk, eat my sandwich and wait for the damn program to finish downloading. Once finished, I unzip the file and run the install. Right program, but it doesn't scan from the automatic document feeder. So, I go back to HP's web site to look for software for the feeder. The feeder doesn't have software.

I look at the scanner and notice that the feeder is unplugged from the scanner. Dumb shit. I plug it back in, and the damn thing works...

5 hours wasted. Now, to work!

I hate my job.
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Parting Thoughts...

I hate being bored and alone. This, and the knowledge that I have a ton of shit to do at work, brought me here. I told Price that I would have his 3500 class posted today and forgot to post it when I was in earlier. Boredom, loneliness and knowing that I had unfinished business... He could have waited until tomorrow, I'm sure. Well, I'm here... it's posted and I now need something else to do. I brought my laptop and downloaded a dreamweaver extension for making online tests... I guess I'll go to the coffee shop and play around with that for a while. Maybe I'll run into someone there... maybe I'll actually do something social tonight.

Am I bitching?

Yes. I need to go snowshoeing.


Jan. 4th, 2002 08:44 am
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This is my life:

I scan stuff, create .pdf files for angry professors (not all of whom are truly angry), and (sometimes) check books out to people. I do other things as well, but not often. Mostly, I scan stuff. Yesterday, I scanned for 17 hours. I got home around midnight, went to bed exhausted and laid there, wide awake... thinking, thinking, thinking. So, I got out of bed and sat on the couch for a while... went back to bed, and finally fell asleep.

I had one of those "can't see" mornings, where everything is blurry and my depth perception was distorted. I took a shower standing in the toilet (okay, that's a joke), and brushed my teeth with a....

So, as the morning goes:

Four shots of espresso in my 20 ounce cup of coffee. I'm still not awake. Hopefully, I will be caught up with everything early this afternoon. L. is closing for me, so I can go see Chris's art showing. I haven't seen Chris in over a year. He's going to graduate school somewhere back east. I'm sure I'll see others there too. There is a tight group of really neat people... I miss them.


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