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words fail me.

i couldn't write my music term paper... so i skipped the final. trumped by a funk.

writing in livejournal has also become laborious. this is a strange place, really... not depression, or boredom, but a definite lack of joy. i simply don't care about much anymore. i'm going to sabotage everything i've worked for the past four years... the idea makes me smile.

i'm looking forward to vacation in three weeks. there are a few things i am looking forward to while in burney. i should call andy to see if he wants to spend some time in bridgeport with my brother and i. it's been a long time since last hearing his voice.

i can't wait to photograph bears.

i need a nap.
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"An anonymous caller reported Friday at 3:13 p.m. juveniles had vandalized sprinklers and were pulling up plants in an area described as “in the middle of the highway that has fish in the street.” Deputies responded, but didn’t find any vandalism."
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That's the headline from my hometown's online newspaper...

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(The town I was raised in - courtesy of a friend)
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I need to find my grandmother, and give her a little hug goodbye.

There were some things I wanted to get done here, but as is the usual, I have run out of time. I wish I could have had more time for research on the Burney Valley... I think that will be something of a life-time passion. I wish I had the chance to see more of Willie and Brenda. I should have seen Willie's dad. I wish I could have gone to the Pit River Tribal office... asked for anything about their history.

A few sad things: Les is dying. He's the eighty-six year old gentleman with whom my parents have been neighbors with for nearly 25 years. Les is a neat person, and I will miss him. He has bone cancer, with less than two weeks... I guess Andy had it right, so many years ago: all good things must come to an end (I know Andy doesn't own the origin of the saying, but he recited it when it seemed most practical).
My high-school football coach's daughter has been arrested for a murder committed in 1992. She admitted, on Christmas Eve, to killing her then-husband. No reason was given. I need to write coach a letter... He did so much for me, when I was young and confused. I owe a lot of who I am to that man.

That's it.. the closing note. I am leaving on a jet plane.. I don't know when I'll be back again...

Goodbye, Burney...
This is home.
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What happened to the "frightful" weather? Blue sky all around... and, that is good news for my brother. He has to work tonight until 10:30, then drive 52 miles over the mountain. I'm saving all my alcohol for Christmas dinner... since we can't have a Christmas Eve beer... Mmhhhaa aha haha hahhaha.

My morning coffee walk let me down past Burney Creek. It has been a very long time since I had last made that journey... the old rope swing is gone. In fact, I believe the entire tree that held the rope is gone. I know the place well, as I spent many summer days during my youth there, but it has changed so much. I wonder what the area looked like before it was settled....

Burney Valley is an interesting place. Its underground aquifer is larger than any human-build lake in California... that's huge!

The Cascade Mountain range is one of the newest land formations in the world... its origins date back to 20 million years ago. In contrast, the desert of Southern Utah is brilliant in its old age... Yin Yang... I have a deep passion and reverence for both places...

I want to visit the Pit River Indian Tribal office... I wonder if they have any written history that I could borrow, or purchase.


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