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music moves so fluidly through my head. i can breathe to it. it makes me whole. i am good.

it's good to be here, now. and, i am soon to be leaving work for chris and jane's where we will make wine from grapes and brew beer while singing to a song and dance. it will be good there, too.

i gave blood to the doctors today. i don't know what to think about my little kidneys... i'm not even sure i should think about them. it would be selfish to dwell on my mortality for too long, wouldn't it?

and, it could be all for nothing. i could be fine (fine as i could be).

i am fine. life is good.
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sitting in my spot, asking important metaphysical questions like, "why is me beer empty?"
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i'm on vacation. the chamber of commerce president needed her office painted, so i agreed on the condition that i be supplied with a cd player and beer. as those demands were met, i began to apply paint. a few beers down, and my method changed drastically... thus my removal from the job. thankfully, my mother is the chamber predident, and i may find more work for beer later.

now, i'm waiting for my 83 year old grandmother. i'm taking her to dinner this evening, and in an effort to maintain stability, will be drinking more beer.

there's trouble brewing....
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did laundry, drank beer, played guitar, then went to the bar by myself to see big john bates (psychobilly music). spent too much money on beer, but had a great time...

the guy can flat-out rock. the bassist can bellydance. and the go-go dancers light themselves on fire.


Jun. 10th, 2002 05:52 pm
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the short of it:

went to 2 and 1/2 white guys at abg's friday and saturday night. i drank a lot of beer, but suffered not one ill-effect of a weekend well done. megan, jared and i took the great western trail out of south fork canyon for a five mile hike on sunday. it's been a while since i made an effort to hike that much (pretty steep too) and suffered a chaffed crotch in the process. the hike was followed with cheese pizza, beer and a nap on the couch as the lakers beat the nets in game three of the finals. later, jared and i drove to jason's (a mere block away) to drink beer and migrate to a party just south of byu. jason had a date (i'm confused - isn't he still dating angela?) whose name is lindsey. she studies philosophy. i think i'm in love with jason's sunday night date.

the party was for sarah, who is moving to alaska to earn her phd in biology. sarah and i held hands home from the bar one night two summers ago... i had no idea she was a lesbian at the time... she's a cool girl and i'll miss seeing her around town. allen was at the party when we arrived. i instantly took three of his beers, but didn't feel too bad as i had paid is way in the door and purchased a pitcher of beer for his consumption friday night. he left once megan and havalah showed. the three are roommates and there seems to be a rift developing...

jared played foos ball and worked up a mighty sweat while at it. i laughed.

we went home and i tried to sleep...
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I'm listening to Irish drinking music and it has occured to me: I want a big, fat beer...


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