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I've now made public my entries through November of 2001.  It's going to take me a while to open these up, as I am tagging them while I move along.  I have always had difficulty navigating time and am stunned that some of these entries about events, still so fresh in my mind, were from 15 years ago.  Time is not my friend.  I often wonder how the Rolling Stones feel when they've played, "Time Is on My Side," while in their golden years.  Perhaps they quit playing that song years ago...

In other news:

I'm a bit sluggish today.  We (Scott, Daryl and myself) celebrated the holidays by indulging in 3 years (2014, 2015 and 2016) of Goose Island Brewing's Bourbon County Stout last night.   2014 has aged quite wonderfully since last year.  It has lost a considerable amount of sweetness and mellowed nicely.  2015 has not changed much since last year.  I guess Goose Island had to recall a number of batches from last year's release due to a bacterial problem which resulted in off flavors (thankfully, I did not procure any of the "bad" bottles").  They decided to flash pasteurize this year's release and I have yet to find out if that will limit the beer's ability to age, or not.  It would be a shame if it did as collecting these bottles to age is 90% of the fun.  At any rate, it doesn't take much of a 14% brew to get your attention and I've been dragging my feet a bit today.


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